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Epoxy Floors are Environmentally Friendly - Commercial Epoxy Flooring Contractors MA
Seamless epoxy floors in MA are better than your current floor. Porous or cracked concrete, eroded joints in tile, and open control joints all pose problems for facility supervisors having to protect against mold, insects, and bacteria infestation hazards. Epoxy floor can solve these problems in a way that is also better for the environment. Epoxy floor is seamless and non-porous. There are no pores for dirt and grime to penetrate. Less water is consumed when cleaning. Most of the products we use are green.

Epoxy Floors are Durable - Commercial Epoxy Flooring Contractors Springfield, MA
Epoxy floors in MA are excellent choice for a commercial restaurant kitchen with ovens, grills, and fryers because it can absorb and transfer the heat. Seamless epoxy floor is a thick, troweled on coating and can repeatedly withstand temperatures up to 180 degrees F.

Epoxy Flooring is Attractive - Commercial Epoxy Flooring Western, MA
Epoxy flooring in MA can be installed in multiple sections using 2 or more different colors. A clean transition strip is used to seperate the colors. With seamless epoxy flooring you can have a border, mat, or just seperate colors in each room. The possibilities are endless with epoxy floors.

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